Opening an account (for business purposes)

Bakai Bank provides high quality and affordable service for its corporate clients

Every business is unique in its own way, but no business goes without opening a checking account. Start working with us today and get free cash service for your organization on both intra-bank and inter-branch transfers without commission. Opening a legal account with Bakai Bank is a comprehensive solution for organizations, individual entrepreneurs.

Advantages of cash management services for business with Bakai Bank

  • Free service. You pay nothing if there are no transactions made for your organization.
  • Favourable rates for payment transactions.
  • Crediting and withdrawal of funds from the client's account on the day they are received.
  • Providing information support about cash discipline and payment transactions procedures. We will help to avoid problems with taxation.
  • Convenient and fast operation within the Bank-Client system. Solve your problems without going to the bank.

Ease of opening an account

Opening an account for legal entities does not take up much time. Prepare a standard package of documents for an organization or a private business and sign an agreement at a Bank branch.


Bakai Bank provides high quality and affordable services for corporate clients:

Pros of servicing in Bakai Bank:

  • Beneficial rates.
  • Wide network of branches.
  • Efficient system of electronic payments (SWIFT).
  • Wide correspondent network.

Settlement transactions


  • Opening and maintaining all types of current and checking accounts in national and foreign currency for residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Carrying out settlements on behalf of the Client on his/her bank account with the execution of the transaction within one business day.
  • Carrying out payments in Kyrgyz soms via the system of intraregional and inter-regional electronic settlements.
  • Carrying out all forms of international settlements on export and import transactions.
  • International payments through correspondent accounts in foreign banks via the SWIFT system.
  • Crediting funds to clients' accounts on the day they are received by the bank.
  • Use of monetary funds on the day they are credited to the current account.
  • Obtaining consultations on the procedure of banking operations and observing cash discipline.
  • Providing prompt and accurate information on the flow of funds through the accounts.
  • Carrying out payments in “Internet Banking” and “Bank-Client” electronic settlement systems.

Cash transactions


  • Accepting and converting cash in national and foreign currencies in the Bank’s cash office with subsequent crediting to the client’s current account;
  • Exchanging banknotes for banknotes/coins;
  • Cash exchange transactions with foreign currency.