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Small loan Business loans

From 2 000,001 som, rubles/ 30,001 USD, EUR
business growth
to 60 months
from 19% in KGS, RUB/ from 8% in USD, EUR
Interest rate

Bakai Bank small loans are suitable for individuals earning income from business, entrepreneurs and companies with a stable business, operating for at least 6 months (continuously) in trade and services, or at least 9 months (continuously) in manufacturing before applying for a loan.

Amount: from 30 001 USD, EUR / 2 000 001 som, roubles

Term for current assets replenishment: from 3 to 36 months, for replenishment of fixed assets and other purposes: from 3 to 60 months

Early repayment commission - free,


 US dollar, % per annumSoms, % per annum Rubles, % per annum Euro, % per annum 
from 2 000 001 KGS/RUB to 10 000 000 KGS/RUB
from 30 001 USD/EUR to150 000 USD/EUR
from 13-17%22-23%from 21%from 12-16%
from 10 000 001 KGS/RUB to 70 000 000 KGS/RUB.
from 150 001 USD/EUR to 1 000 000 USD/EUR 
from 10%from 20%from 19%from 9%
from  70 000 001 KGS/RUB, 1 000 001 USD/EURfrom 8%from 19%from 19%from 8%

When pledging a time deposit in single currency, to set a Plus on top of interest rate of a time deposit (upon the decision of the Credit Committee of the Bakai Bank Head Office) 

from +3 % on top of the deposit rate
When pledging a time deposit in different currencies, to set a Plus on top of interest rate of a time deposit (upon the decision of the Credit Committee of the Bakai Bank Head Office) from +8% on top of the deposit rate

The interest rate is set for each project separately, and the history of cooperation between the bank and the borrower, banking products used by the borrower, loan terms and collateral are all taken into consideration.

*Effective interest rate: in U.S. dollars from 13% per annum, in soms from 22% per annum, in rubles from 21% per annum.

Loan for business purposes

  • Purchase of goods, fabric, consumables and other current assets
  • Purchase of business premises, equipment, vehicles, furniture, computers and other fixed assets
  • Repair of premises and equipment
  • Refinancing other loans and private borrowings
  • Investments for expansion, diversification of business
  • Other purposes in accordance with the Bank's requirements (consult with a loan officer)

Bakai Bank – a caring partner for your business 

Individual approach Fast application turnaround Payment schedule is based on the specificity of your business

В качестве обеспечения могут быть приняты:

  1. Недвижимое имущество

  2. Автотранспорт (легковой, грузовой, пассажирский)

  3. Личное имущество

  4. Оборудование (в том числе контейнера и павильоны)

  5. Товары в обороте

  6. Имущество, поступающее в будущем, в том числе товар в обороте

  7. Поручительство

  8. Иные виды обеспечения, отвечающие требованиям Банка.

  • Ежемесячно, основной долг и проценты аннуитетными платежами.
  • Ежемесячно, основной долг равными долями.
  • Гибкий график (в отдельных случаях), погашение основного долга и процентов в зависимости от сезонности рассматриваемого бизнеса в соответствии с Решением Кредитного Комитета.
  • Возможно предоставление Решением Кредитного Комитета отсрочки по выплате основного долга без единовременного погашения в конце срока.

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