VISA Credit cards

For Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Currency : Som
  • Issue : Free of charge
  • Annual maintenance fee : Free of charge
VISA Credit cards

A credit card is a nest egg that's always at your fingertips. Once you get such a card, you will enjoy instant credit up to 5 paychecks for 2 years.

45 days of interest-free credit for cashless purchases at merchants and cashback up to 12,000 soms per year.


Credit card is an ideal solution in case of emergency. Apply for one while you have a stable income and receive your salary, and save it for a rainy day. You don't have to pay for such loan if you don't spend it.

"Bakai Bank" offers you a credit card with a grace period up to 45 days (up to the 15-th day of the next month) during which the bank does not charge interest for the use of the credit limit on the card with non-cash purchases, as well as cashback* (return of money to the card) on purchases of up to 1000 soms per month.

While withdrawing your credit money the interest is accrued from the moment of the withdrawal. With that, if in the new month you make purchases from the second day of the month, the grace period will be extended for you again.

*The Loyalty Program (cash-back) is provided when making purchases in the stores for the amount from 100 soms and above. A bonus of 2% of transaction amount, 1 bonus=1 KGS is credited to VISA Classic/Gold/Platinum cards at the end of the month when 100 bonus points are reached or more. The maximum amount of cashback per month is 1000 KGS. Bonus at the rate of 5% of transaction amount, 1 bonus = 1 KGS, is credited to VISA  Infinite cards at the end of the month when reaching 100 bonus points and above. Bonuses are awarded only on borrowed funds. With a positive account balance, bonuses are not accrued.

The maximum amount of cashback is 2000 KGS.  PROMOTION IS VALID until 31.03.2024.

Three Steps to a New Bakai Bank Card

Fill out an application
It takes 2 minutes, all you need is a contact person and a phone number
Wait for the operator to call you
We'll let you know when and where to pick up the card when it's ready
Pick up your card
Come to a bank office and present your passport

Submit a request for assistance

You can either by sending or by calling us for consulting

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