Исламский Финансовый Центр

Islamic Financial Center (IFC) is the first and only window in Kyrgyzstan and the CIS, created under Bakai Bank OJSC, that delivers financial services in accordance with Islamic finance principles. IFC has obtained an NBKR license that allows it to provide financing in line with Islamic principles. IFC operates in accordance with the Law of the KR "On the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, banks, and the banking system", NBKR legal and normative acts, and Sharia standards of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

Our goal is to make a tangible contribution to developing the Islamic financial system in the country. To achieve this goal, we want to become a leading center in the country that will offer the most complete range of Islamic finance products to individuals and legal entities.

For more information please visit ifcenter.kg


Foreign Exchange Rates

Purchase Sale
USD 69.7500 69.9000
EUR 76.9000 77.7000
RUB 1.0920 1.1010
KZT 0.1780 0.1820
GBP 88.0000 92.0000
CNY 9.4000 10.5000
Purchase Sale
USD 69.6500 69.9000
EUR 76.6000 78.1000
RUB 1.0600 1.1300
KZT 0.1700 0.1900
GBP 82.0000 94.0000
CNY 8.9000 11.0000
FX rate
USD 69.8500
EUR 77.4357
RUB 1.0941
KZT 0.1806
GBP 89.9528
CNY 9.9623

Course listed on 22.11.2019

Exchange rates are valid for Bishkek city. Exchange rates are valid for an amount of up to $1000 (or equivalent in other currencies), rates for amounts above$1000 are contractual