NBKR information message

05 July 2024

The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic warns: cases of telephone fraud have become more frequent! 

Using different ways to deceive citizens through phone calls, fraudsters pursue the goal of stealing your money from your accounts or make an online loan for you for subsequent transfer. 

How is it done? 

First, a person receives a call from an alleged employee of a commercial bank and informs about the leakage of personal data or the execution of online loans by third parties on his behalf. Next, an imaginary employee of the National Bank (or other state body) is connected, who, under the pretext of saving money, offers the victim to transfer it to a safe, secure account. At the same time, the numbers of the attackers may be fake. For convincing, they may send a fake ID or other document with the signature of the National Bank's management and the corresponding logo. In this case, the victim of fraudsters performs all operations on transferring or issuing online loans himself, following the instructions of fraudsters. 

How can I protect myself? 

1. Stop the conversation if you receive a call from imaginary employees of the bank, the National Bank or other state bodies and inform about leakage of your personal data or unauthorized issuance of an online loan in your name. If you decide to continue the conversation, in no case turn on the screen demonstration during the conversation, do not give your personal (confidential) data (TIN, codes, pin codes, etc.), do not confirm any information about you. Thus, it is better not to answer video calls from unknown numbers in messengers at all, as well as not to follow unverified Internet links from strangers. 

2. If a phone call has caused you doubts, you should call the official numbers of a bank, indicated on the website, in mobile applications, or go to the nearest office of the bank; 

3. Remember that banks and the National Bank do not call about unauthorized online loans or leakage of personal data and do not send employee IDs and other official documents via messengers. 

What to do if you have become a victim of fraudsters? 

If you realize that you have become a victim of fraud, you should immediately notify your bank, ask to block your card or account, and then promptly file a report with law enforcement authorities. 

REMEMBER: fraudsters' schemes may vary, but their main goal is to mislead you into believing them and transferring money from your account. From the moment you transfer your funds, the scammers' goal has been accomplished. 

It is IMPORTANT to follow the official website of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic www. nbkr.kg and official pages of the National Bank in social networks, where important information for consumers is posted: Instagram-nbkr_kg; Facebook and Telegram-channels of the National Bank, as well as news and notifications of financial and credit organizations on websites and mobile applications. 

Citizens can complain to the Consumer Protection Department of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic about actions/inactions of financial-credit organizations by the following numbers: 0770 737349, 0555 855 748, 0312 31 31 89; 0312 31 31 22; 0312 31 29 48.