Branch schedule for April 10, 2024

09 April 2024

Dear clients!

Congratulations on the upcoming Eid-al-Fitr!
The following branches will be open on this holiday on April 09, 2024:

Mossovet Branch 125 Abdrahmanov St.08:00-24:00 (lunch break   12:00-13:00, technical break 17.00-17.30)
Savings bank No.5192 Chui Ave., "Chynar" Shopping Mall (entrance from Shopokova St., 0 floor)10.00-21.00 (without a lunch break)
Savings bank No.1543 Ch. Aitmatov Ave., ASIA MALL shopping center, 1st floor, shop Z (4)1.10.00-21.00 (lunch break 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No.15691 Shopokova, TSUM-2 shopping mall, shop L-10.10.00-21.00 (without a lunch break)
Savings bank No.1153/1 Tokombayeva St., GLOBUS shopping center.09:00-21:00 (lunch break 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No. 251 Gorky St., Tash Rabat shopping center, 1st floor.10.00-20.00 (lunch break 13.00-13.30)
Savings bank No.727/1 Gorky St., (Business Center "Vefa").9.00-21.30 (without a lunch break, technical break 17:00-17:30)
Savings bank No.15148 Kievskaya St. (Bishkek Park shopping center).10.00-21.30 (without a lunch break, technical break 17:00-17:30)