Bakai Bank employees took part in the cleanup of the Issyk-Kul Lake shore

13 September 2023

Clean is not where you pick up the mess,

but where you don't litter.

Every third Saturday of September, most countries around the world observe World Cleanup Day to clear litter and maintain sustainable cleanliness, and Bakai Bank has been supporting this environmental initiative every year.

This anniversary year, as part of the "25 Years - 25 Good Deeds" project, Bakai Bank decided to time this date to coincide it not only with Saturday clean-up days throughout the Republic, but also with a big clean-up of the Issyk-Kul Lake shoreline.

Last Saturday, the Bakai Bank team went out on a cleanup day with divers and volunteers to clear the lake bottom and shoreline.

Pearl of Kyrgyzstan

Pursuing its mission to preserve the environment and natural resources, the Bank organized the cleanup of Lake Issyk-Kul.

The event was attended not only by the employees of Bakai Bank and the Islamic Financial Center branches from all over Issyk-Kul, but also by representatives of Eco Demi PF, divers and local volunteers. They all came together to clean the lake from garbage and pollution.

In only a couple of hours, more than 4 tons of trash was picked up from the bottom of the lake and shoreline.

Respect for the environment

This initiative is a reminder of the necessity to protect nature. Issyk-Kul is a national treasure that must be preserved for future generations. This will only be possible through joint efforts.

Our belief is that each of us can do our part to preserve the environment and take care of our Planet.

It is small steps taken by each of us that will lead to big changes. So today we encourage you to join us and take an active part in preserving the environment.

Bakai Bank

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