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Cash back on Visa Business cards

10 February 2023

Make money on company expenses! Now we offer 1% cashback on Visa Business cards.

How does Bakai Bank Visa Business card work? 

Visa Business is issued in the name of an employee of the organization, and is charged to the account of the company. The company can open several corporate cards. In its essence, such card is an alternative of advance cash. 

Where can I pay with it?

Pay for travel and entertainment expenses, payment for any goods and services of the company.

What else does it offer?

• Medican and legal support during travels
• 8% discount on hotel reservations through the website:
• Up to 12% on
• Even more discounts and offers

Issue is free of charge, first year service fee - 0 KGS, for subsequent years - 500 KGS.
1% cashback on purchases over 500 KGS.

For more information please cass 6111 (call is free for all cell phone providers of the Kyrgyz Republic).