Bishkek Branch schedule for November 6-8, 2023

03 November 2023

Dear customers,
We inform you that the following branches will be open on holidays, from November 6 to 8, 2023:
Name of branch:  Address:  06.11.2023  07.11.2023 08.11.2023 
Savings bank No.5192, Chui Ave., Bishkek, GUM "CHYNAR" (entrance from Shopokova St., 0 floor).10.00-21.00                      (lunch 13.00-14.00)10.00-21.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)10.00-21.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No.1543 Ch. Aitmatov Avenue, Mall "ASIA MALL", 1st floor, boutique Z (4)1, Bishkek10.00-21.00        (lunch 13.00-14.00)10.00-21.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)10.00-21.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No.15691 Shopokova St., TSUM-2 shopping mall, boutique L-10, Bishkek10.00-21.00          (no lunch break)10.00-21.00 (no lunch break)10.00-21.00 (no lunch break)
Savings bank No.1153/1 Tokombaeva St., GLOBUS Shopping Center, Bishkek09.00-21.00       (lunch 13.00-14.00)09.00-21.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)09.00-21.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No.727/1 Gorkogo St., Bishkek (Vefa Business Center)09.00-21.30         (no lunch break)09.00-21.30 (no lunch break)09.00-21.30 (no lunch break)
Savings bank No.15148 Kievskaya St., (shopping center "Bishkek Park")10.00-21.30           (no lunch break)10.00-21.30 (no lunch break)10.00-21.30 (no lunch break)
Savings bank No.991E Intergelpo St. (crosses Dzhamgerchinova St.), Leninsky district, 1E, Bishkek09.00-17.00        (lunch 12.00-13.00)09.00-17.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)09.00-17.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)
Mossovet Branch 125 Abdrakhmanov St., Bishkek08.00-24.00         (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.00-24.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.00-24.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)
Jibek Jolu Branch 166 Zhibek-Zholu Ave., Bishkek09.00-17.00         (lunch 12.00-13.00)09.00-17.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)09.00-17.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)
Savings bank No.301, Kozhevennaya St., Bishkek, Dordoi Market08.30-15.30      (lunch 12.30-13.00)08.30-15.30 (lunch 12.30-13.00)08.30-15.30 (lunch 12.30-13.00)
Savings bank No.1593 microdistrict, 28 Suerkulova str., Bishkek09.00-17.00      (lunch 13.00-14.00)09.00-17.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)09.00-17.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No.50110 Lev Tolstoy St. (Batken market), Bishkek9.00-17.00         (lunch 12.30-13.00)9.00-17.00 (lunch 12.30-13.00)9.00-17.00 (lunch 12.30-13.00)
Savings bank No.251 Gorky St., "Tash-Rabat" shopping center, 1 floor, Bishkek10.00-20.00      (lunch 13.00-13.30)10.00-20.00 (lunch 13.00-13.30)10.00-20.00 (lunch 13.00-13.30)
Savings bank No.961 Kozhevennaya St., premise № 16 (market "Dordoi Asia"-Junhai), Bishkek08.30-14.00      (lunch 12.00-13.00)OffOff
Savings bank No.11829, Nurkamala St., around "DK" business center, Bishkek08.30-16.00      (lunch 12.00-13.00)OffOff
Savings bank No.144Kozhevennaya St., "Fort" market, Bishkek08.30-14.00      (lunch 12.00-13.00)OffOff
Savings bank No.49Kozhevennaya St., northern parking lot, stall No.4-197, No.3-142/2 "Dordoi Chimkent" market, Bishkek08.30-16.00      (lunch 12.30-13.00)OffOff
Savings bank No.1171 Kozhevennaya St., Kerben Dordoi market (aisle 4, stall No. 9), Bishkek08.30-16.00      (lunch 12.30-13.00)OffOff
Savings bank No.52204 Chui Ave., shopping center "Bereket-Grand" 1st floor, BishkekOffOff9.00-17.00 (lunch 12.30-13.00)
Savings bank No.155Ch. Valikhanova St., shopping center "AYU Grand Comfort", north side, 1st floor, No. C-113, BishkekOffOff9.00-17.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00)
Savings bank No.166327, Y. Abdrakhmanov St., Bishkek (BMW car center)08.30-18.00        (lunch 13.00-14.00)08.30-18.00  (lunch 13.00-14.00)08.30-18.00  (lunch 13.00-14.00)
Savings bank No.16785/4 Zhukeyeva-Pudovkina St., (KIA auto center), Bishkek08.30-20.00       (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.30-20.00  (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.30-20.00  (lunch 12.00-13.00)
Savings bank No.1691 Sadygalieva St., ("LKV center" car serivice), Bishkek08.30-20.00      (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.30-20.00  (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.30-20.00  (lunch 12.00-13.00)
Savings bank No.1701/2 B M.Gorky St., ("Lexus" auto center), Bishkek08.30-20.00      (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.30-20.00  (lunch 12.00-13.00)08.30-20.00  (lunch 12.00-13.00)

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