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Branch schedule for October 12-13, 2023.

11 October 2023

Dear clients,

Please be advised that the following branches in Bishkek will be closed on October 12 - 13:
- 204 Chui Ave., "Bereket-Grand" shopping center,1st floor, savings bank No.52;
- 1 Kozhevennaya St., premise No.16 (market "Dordoi Asia"-Junhai), savings bank No.96;
- Kozhevennaya St., 1 (market "Dordoi"-Junhai), savings bank № 30;
- Kozhevennaya St., market "Fort", savings bank No.144;
- Kozhevennaya St., booth No.4-197, No.3-142/2 market "Dordoi Chimkent", savings bank No.49.

Please call our Contact Center at 6111 for the addresses of the nearest branches. The call is free of charge from the numbers of any cell phone operators of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Thank you for your understanding!