"Bakai Bank" handed over special machinery to the municipal enterprise "Tazalyk"

13 November 2023

Two electric dump trucks were delivered to the Tazalyk municipal enterprise. These compact trucks presented by Bakai Bank to the municipal enterprise are to be used for the pilot project intended to address the timely cleaning of the capital's streets and parks. Umut Abakirova, Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank, and Ramiz Aliyev, Head of the enterprise, took part in the handover ceremony.  

" The vehicle fleet of the enterprise has not been renewed on a large scale since 2015. Over that time, the city has grown considerably. There has been an increase in the load on public utilities. The City Hall allocated 32 units of special vehicles to us three months ago. We have yet another joyful event today - our partners have contributed to the common cause of city cleanup. We are going to use two new dump trucks at night to empty trash cans and remove garbage swept to the roadsides, and also to offload garbage from sidewalks and parks, where larger vehicles cannot reach", - said the head of the enterprise.

According to Ramiz Aliyev, the first stage of the pilot project will cover the central streets of Bishkek. The machinery will operate every day from 11 o'clock at night until the morning.

With a charged battery, the range is up to 150 km. Despite their compact size, the machines have a significant lifting capacity. Efficiency is another advantage.

"Considering current challenges and trends, integrating electric vehicles into our daily lives becomes one of the most crucial tasks.  City smog problems, global climate change, transition to a green economy - all of these issues can only be resolved through joint efforts. We are convinced that our cooperation will become an important step towards sustainable development and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Our step will hopefully become an inspiration for other companies to switch to environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Together we can make our city and our country cleaner," said Umut Abakirova, Chairman of the Management Board of Bakai Bank.

We note that this is by far not the first time that Bakai Bank has provided assistance to the municipal enterprise. Previously, as part of the 25th anniversary project "25 Years - 25 Good Deeds", new sets of customized uniforms and reflective vests were presented to the workers involved in garbage collection and removal.

Furthermore, the enterprise received the required equipment - a breathalyzer for medical examination of the garbage truck drivers taking up a shift and an electric scooter necessary for daily monitoring of the quality of cleaning of the capital's streets.

 Concern for the environment and implementation of green initiatives are part of Bakai Bank's philosophy and corporate policy.

The company is an active supporter of initiatives aimed at introducing electric transportation in Kyrgyzstan. The company's employees regularly participate in environmental events such as World Cleanliness Day and nationwide clean-up days.

Bakai Bank Green, based on the principles of environmental harm reduction and green economy, opened its first green office in Bishkek at the end of September. The Bank is committed to continue building and expanding its socially significant initiatives, thereby helping society move towards a greener future.