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An impersonal metal account

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Elcard IMA card


Gold, Silver, Platinum

Issue and Annual Fee

Free of charge

Cashing out of funds

Free of charge

Elcard IMA card

IMA card - is a payment card of the national payment system Elcard, linked to the impersonal metal accounts in gold, silver or platinum. This payment card will allow clients to have savings in precious metals with an opportunity to cash out money on the card via ATMs and POS-terminals, also if necessary to pay for purchases and services, cashless.

With the IMA Elcard card no interest is charged for replenishment of funds, replenishment and withdrawal of funds is absolutely free of charge. For more information please visit one of the OJSC "Bakai Bank" branches. 

Currency: impersonal precious metal: gold, silver, platinum
Issue: free of charge
Annual maintenance: 1st year - free of charge, 2nd year and onwards - 100 KGS 

Cash withdrawal: free of charge

Three Steps to a New Bakai Bank Card

Fill out an application
It takes 2 minutes, all you need is a contact person and a phone number
Wait for the operator to call you
We'll let you know when and where to pick up the card when it's ready
Pick up your card
Come to a bank office and present your passport

Submit a request for assistance

Elcard IMA card
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