‘Child’ Deposit

future savings for children

up to 12%

interest rate

at the end of the term

interest payment

from KGS 5000

an initial fee




(% per annum)


(% per annum)


(% per annum)


(% per annum)


(% per annum)


(% per annum)

2 years and more

12,0 % 4,0 % 3,0 % 9,5 % 4,5 % 8,5 %

Since 11.01.2016 opening deposits in Chinese yuans is possible in the Head Office of the Bank located on Isanova Str. 77, Bishkek city.

Effective annual interest rate comprises:

- from 13,28% in KGS

- from 5,11% in USD

- from 4,60% in EUR

- from 9,95% in RUB

- from 4,60% in CNY

- from 8,86% in KZT

Minimum initial deposit amount 5 000 KGS/RUB; 100 USD/EUR; 1000 CNY; 50 000 KZT

Minimum additional deposit amount 1 000 KGS/RUB; 20 USD/EUR; 200 CNY; 10 000 KZT

Terms and conditions for accepting deposits and terms and conditions of active deposits whose amount exceeds 100 000 US dollars or its equivalent in another currency can be set by the Bank on an individual basis.

The Bank repays the deposit on the day following the deposit maturity date.

The deposit is insured in the order, size and according to terms set by the Law “On the protection of bank deposits” №78 of May 7, 2008.



  • One of the highest interest rates
  • Interest accrual on an annual basis. Interest is accrued on the principal amount and the following year interest will be accrued on the sum of these amounts.
  • Free issuance of a VISA or an Elcard card.
  • An option of depositing additional amounts (the deposit can be replenished).
  • Upon reaching the age of 14 the child can withdraw funds on his/her own.

A VISA or an Elcard payment card free of charge

When you open a deposit, you will also receive a free debit VISA or Elcard in the currency of the opened deposit.

How it can be used:

  • For keeping funds
  • For cash withdrawals
  • For purchases
  • For transferring interest from the deposit to the card.


  • A wide ATM network of our bank and partner banks
  • Double protection (VISA Electron chip and magnetic stripe). Your money is securely protected.
  • An opportunity to top up the card without charges.
  • Make purchases with the card globally in any bank’s terminal supporting VISA or Elcard
  • Discounts with the Privilege Card program

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For more information, please contact Bakai OJSC Bank".

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