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VISA Payment card

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Visa Classic - Payroll project




Free of charge

Annual maintenance fee

0 soms


VISA Classic - is a universal payment tool. Marked with a VISA logo, is accepted anywhere in the world including ATMs, offline and online stores (Internet stores), as well as stores that sell goods and services via mail and phone. It is popular amongst average income consumers as it guarantees convenience, choice and financial flexibility. This category cards is an optimal combination of cost and range of services. They are accepted without any restrictions at ATM's, sales and service outlets all over the world including those that use imprinters (mechanical devices for accepting bank cards).

Holders of these cards are provided with a wide range of services: cash withdrawal at ATMs and POS terminals and the opportunity to order goods and services via the Internet or by telephone, rent a car, book a hotel, etc.

Currency: Soms or USD
Issuance: free of charge
Annual service (Payroll project): 0 soms

For more information, please reach out to our Contact Center by dialing 6111 or get assistance in any of the Bakai Bank branches.


Bakai Bank overdraft "Emergency Advance"allows you to make payments in the event there is insufficient funds on your bank card. 

"Bakai Bank" offers you the product for you to take advantage of such an attractive offer as overdraft "Emergency Advance" - for the clients who have their payroll cards with "Bakai Bank". For salary card holders, issued by the bank, overdraft can be applied for up to three salaries. Depositors of "Bakai Bank" can also enjoy this product. 

In practice it appears as an overdraft on your card bank account. Overdraft "Emergency Advance" is great as it can be a reserve pocket for any unplanned purchases. 


  • Be a participant of the payroll project and/or having a deposit account at Bakai Bank
  • Have a work experirnce undert the payroll project no less than 12 months
  • Overdraft term: 12 months (can be further extended)
  • Up to 80% of salary, you should leave an application in "Bakai Bank"
  • Have an average monthly salary of over 80% and up to 3 average monthly salaries plus one cosigner from the payroll project is needed
  • Interest rate - 28% per annum

For more information please reach out to our Call Center by dialing 6111 or visit one of the Bakai Bank branches. 

Friendly Network

"Friendly Network" is a wide network of ATMs and terminals throughout Kyrgyzstan. For the convenience of its customers, banks consolidated their devices into a single network to serve bank cards.

  • more than 500 ATMs;
  • more than 606 terminals.

Our cardholders can withdraw cash with Elcard/VISA payment cards at the devices ofthe Friendly Networkon the tariffs of OJSC" Bakai Bank". 

The Friendly network includes the following banks:

OJSC Bakai Bank


OJSC "Ayil Bank" 

CJSC "Bank of Asia",

OJSC "Dos-Credit Bank

Finance Credit Bank CAB

OJSC "Capital Bank"

For more details please reach out to our Contact Center by dialing 6111 or visit "Bakai Bank" branches. 

Three Steps to a New Bakai Bank Card

Fill out an application
It takes 2 minutes, all you need is a contact person and a phone number
Wait for the operator to call you
We'll let you know when and where to pick up the card when it's ready
Pick up your card
Come to a bank office and present your passport

Submit a request for assistance

Visa Classic - Payroll project
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